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This guide will teach you all about Auto Battle in MapleStory M. Raise characters more efficiently by using the Auto-Battle system.

Auto-Battle guide[edit | edit source]

  • Auto-Battle can be activated by tapping the [AUTO] icon on the left side of the Chat window.
  • When players first access the Auto-Battle system by reaching Level 20, the time bank will automatically be filled with 120 minutes, or 2 hours, of time.
  • Once each day players can activate the once-daily "Free 2-hour Charge" to add another 2 hours to the amount of Auto-Battle time already banked.
    • Per the in-game tip: "Free charge resets every day."
  • Players can also consume Auto-Battle Charge Tickets to add more time to the time bank. Auto-Battle Charge Tickets can be gained through questing and achievements.
  • Auto-battle charged using the Free 2-hour charge has a maximum charge of 360 minutes. You can charge it beyond that using Auto-Battle Charge Tickets

Activating and Using Auto-Battle[edit | edit source]

  • If a character does not have Auto-Battle active, the player can tap the [AUTO] icon to check the remaining time in that day's Auto-Battle timer and then start auto-battling.
  • The player can also choose which type of Auto-Battle Charge Ticket to consume: 10M (10 minute), 30M (30 minute), and 1H (60 minute) tickets exist.
  • Auto-Battle can be used in certain kinds of dungeons but not in others.

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