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This guide will teach you all about the Auto Quest System in MapleStory M. MapleStory M players can progress through quests automatically.

Auto-Quest Guide[edit | edit source]

  • Activating the Auto-Quest System starts moving the character towards a quest's target destination or NPC using the mount the character currently has equipped. If the player has not yet achieved the level needed to use mounts, he or she will simply walk to the quest destination.
  • If a player is moving towards a quest destination that's quite far away, he may choose to consume a VIP Teleport Rock to move directly to the destination.
  • If the system moves a player to a specific destination, and the user is required to kill a certain amount of monsters for quest reasons, the player will automatically dismount and begin fighting.
  • If the system moves a player to a specific NPC, whether to begin a quest or turn one in, the player will immediately begin dialogue with that NPC.
    • At this point the player will need to manually progress through the quest dialogue in order to proceed with the quest chain.

How to use the Auto-Quest System[edit | edit source]

Automatically progress through a quest chain through one of two means:

Main Menu method[edit | edit source]

  • Access the Main Menu
  • Select the Challenge menu
  • Select the Quest menu
  • Choose a quest and select [Auto-Play] to begin Auto-questing

Mini Quest Window method[edit | edit source]

  1. Tap a specific quest in the Mini Quest Window
  2. Begin Auto-questing

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