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[English] All Maplers can use a little support every now and then! Bishops are our casters, healers, and buffers.

[Português] Todos os Maplers precisam de um pouco de apoio de vez em quando! Os Bishops (bispos) são nossos conjuradores, curadores e buffers. Literalmente te dá aquele empurrão nas dungeons.

[Español] Todos los Maplers necesitan un poco de ayuda de vez en cuando! Los Obispos (Bishops) son nuestros conjuradores, curadores y mejoradores. Literalmente te da ese empujón en las dungeons.

[Deutsch] Alle Mapler brauchen von Zeit zu Zeit etwas Unterstützung! Die Bischöfe (Bischöfe) sind unsere Beschwörer, Kuratoren und Puffer. Buchstäblich gibt dir das Push in den Dungeons.

[Korean] [한국] 모든 메 플래커는 수시로 약간의 지원이 필요합니다! 감독 (주교)은 우리의 중매자, 큐레이터 및 완충 대입니다. 문자 그대로 당신에게 던전을 밀어 넣습니다.

Level 0 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Energy Bolt.png Energy Bolt Active Spend MP to blast one target and deal explosive damage to the 5 nearest enemies.
Skill Teleport.png Teleport Active Teleport a short distance.
Skill Magic Guard.png Magic Guard Buff Convert a portion of incoming damage to MP.
Skill Magic Armor.png Magic Armor Passive Condense raw magic into armor, increasing DEF.
Skill MP Increase.png MP Increase Passive Permanently increase Max MP.

Level 30 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Holy Arrow.png Holy Arrow Active Fire sacred arrows at multiple enemies.
Skill Heal.png Heal Active Restore the HP of all nearby party members.
Skill Bless.png Bless Buff Temporarily increase stats of nearby allies, Advanced Blessing overwrites Bless.
Skill Magic Booster.png Magic Booster Buff Use your powerful mental abilities to temporarily increase ATK SPD.
Skill MP Eater.png MP Eater Passive Restores some MP when skills are used.
Skill Invincible.png Invincible Passive Increase your mental fortitude, decreasing incoming damage.
Skill Spell Mastery.png Spell Mastery Passive Protect your mortal form with magic, increasing DEF.
Skill Blessed Harmony.png Blessed Ensemble Passive Become eternally blessed, increasing DMG.
Skill High Wisdom.png High Wisdom Passive Sharpen your mind to increase DMG.

Level 60 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Dispel.png Dispel Active Remove abnormal conditions from yourself and nearby allies.
Skill Shining Ray.png Shining Ray Active Damage and stun multiple enemies with a ray of holy light.
Skill Holy Fountain.png Holy Fountain Active Summon a sacred fountain that restores the HP of nearby allies every 2 sec.
Skill Holy Symbol.png Holy Symbol Buff Temporarily grant nearby party members additional EXP from hunting enemies.
Skill Holy Magic Shell.png Holy Magic Shell Buff Use a shield of holy light to block abnormal conditions during skill use.
Skill Teleport Mastery.png Teleport Mastery Buff Temporarily allows Teleportation to damage 5 enemies on arrival at the cost of additional MP.
Skill Divine Protection.png Divine Protection Buff Use a protective shield to block abnormal conditions.
Skill Holy Focus.png Holy Focus Passive Connect with the holy spirit to decrease incoming Crit damage.
Skill Arcane Overdrive.png Arcane Overdrive Passive Research arcane secrets to increase Crit DMG for MAG attacks.

Level 100 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Big Bang.png Big Bang Active Gather power to release a devastating explosion. Power can be gathered up to 3 times, each one increasing the damage dealt to enemies.
Skill Bahamut.png Bahamut Active Temporarily summon the almighty Bahamut, Bahamut does not take damage from Damage Reflection.
Skill Resurrection.png Resurrection Active Fill a fallen party member with holy light to resurrect them.
Skill Genesis.png Genesis Active Summon a divine light from the heavens, dealing tremendous holy damage to all enemies.
Skill Angel Ray.png Angel Ray Active Fire arrows imbued with tremendous holy energy, restoring ally HP.
Skill Advanced Blessing.png Advanced Blessing Buff Bless your party members. Bless cannot be used while Advanced Blessing is in effect.
Skill Infinity.png Infinity Buff Temporarily increase DMG.
Skill Buff Mastery.png Buff Mastery Passive Research obscure ancient magic and discover a way to reduce incoming damage.
Skill Arcane Aim.png Arcane Aim Passive Increase MAG ATK incrementally when attacking. Stacks up to 5 times.
Skill Blessed Harmony.png Blessed Harmony Passive A more powerful blessing that increases DMG.

Suggested Skill Order Progression[edit | edit source]

Note: at each job level you will have all skills unlocked to level 1

1st Job[edit | edit source]

1. Energy Bolt (MAX)

2. MP Increase (MAX)

3. Magic Guard (MAX)

4. Magic Armor (MAX)

5. Teleport (MAX)

2nd Job[edit | edit source]

1. Blessed Ensemble (MAX)

2. High Wisdom (MAX)

3. Holy Arrow (MAX)

4. MP Eater (MAX)

5. Invincible (MAX)

6. Spell Mastery (MAX)

7. Magic Booster (MAX)

8. Bless (MAX)

9. Heal (MAX)

3rd Job[edit | edit source]

1. Holy Symbol (MAX)

2. Holy Magic Shell (MAX)

3. Shining Ray (MAX)

4. Arcane Overdrive (MAX)

5. Dispel (MAX)

6. Holy Focus (MAX)

7. Holy Fountain (MAX)

8. Teleport Mastery (MAX)

9. Divine Protection (MAX)

4th Job[edit | edit source]

1. Blessed Harmony (MAX)

2. Arcane Aim (MAX)

3. Buff Mastery (MAX)

4. Angel Ray (MAX)

5. Advanced Blessing (MAX)

6. Infinity (MAX)

7. Bahamut (MAX)

8. Genesis (MAX)

9. Big Bang (MAX)

10. Resurrection (MAX)

Credit : AyumiLove