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[English] Destroy your enemies from afar. With Bowmasters, players have lower Health Points and Defense compared to other jobs, but benefit from their high damaging moves at range.

[Español] Destruye a tus enemigos desde lejos. Con la clase Bowmaster, los jugadores tienen una Salud ( Health Points ) y Defensa ( Defense ) baja comparado a las otras clases, pero se beneficia de sus habilidades de gran daño a distancia.

[Português] Destrua seus inimigos de longe. Com o Bowmasters, os jogadores têm Pontos de Vida ( Health Points ) e Defesa ( Defense ) mais baixos em comparação com as outras classes, mas se beneficiam de seus movimentos com alto alto dano e no alcance de suas skills e ataques básicos.

[Deutsch] Vernichte deine Feinde aus der Ferne. Mit dem Bogenmeister haben Spieler weniger Lebenspunkte ( Health Points ) und Verteidigung ( Defense ) im Vergleich zu anderen Jobs, jedoch profitierst du von höherem Schaden aus der Distanz.


Level 0 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Arrow Blow.png Arrow Blow Active Shoot arrows at multiple enemies.
Skill Double Jump.png Double Jump Passive Double jump to travel a greater distance. Tap the up or down button while in the air to jump again.
Skill Critical Shot.png Critical Shot Passive Increases Critical Rate.
Skill Archer Mastery.png Archer Mastery Passive Master the basics of archery to increase Accuracy and Knockback Resistance.

Level 30 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Arrow Bomb.png Arrow Bomb Active Fire an exploding arrow that stuns th target and deals explosive damage to the 5 nearest enemies.
Skill Retreat Shot.png Retreat Shot Active Fire arrows while leaping backward. Tap and hold the skill button to fire rapidly while in the air.
Skill Quiver Cartridge.png Quiver Cartridge Buff Shoot 3 special arrows: Magic, Poison, and Life Steal. The quicver refills once all 3 have been used. Only 1 effect is applied at a time, and Poison stacks up to 3 times.
Skill Soul Arrow Bow.png Soul Arrow: Bow Buff Temporarily increase damage. Cannot be used during auto-battle.
Skill Bow Booster.png Bow Booster Buff Increase bow’s attack speed for a short time. Cannot be used during auto-battle.
Skill Final Attack.png Final Attack Passive When using this skill, attacks have a chance to deal additional damage.
Skill Bow Mastery.png Bow Mastery Passive Increases the attack of your bow, allowing you to deal greater damage.
Skill Physical Training.png Physical Training Passive Increase your Max HP and Max MP through constant training.

Level 60 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Flame Surge.png Flame Surge Active Launch an arrow imbued with the power of flames to engulf your target and 3 nearby enemies in a firestorm. Enemies in the flames temporarily receive continous damage.
Skill Phoenix.png Phoenix Active Temporarily summon a fiery Phoenix to burn your foes. The Phoenix does not take damage from Damage Reflection. Cannot be used during auto-battle.
Skill Hookshot.png Hookshot Active Shoot a hook toward an enemy within range, dealing damage and launching you behind the enemy. You won’t collide with enemies while moving.
Skill Arrow Platter.png Arrow Platter Active Install up to 2 large bows that fire arrows at your current position. Bows do not take damage from Damage Reflection. Cannot be used during auto-battle
Skill Reckless Hunt Bow.png Reckless Hunt: Bow Buff Ignore defense in favor of all-out attacks. Cannot be used during auto-battle.
Skill Mortal Blow.png Mortal Blow Passive Inflict additional damage every 10th attack.
Skill Focused Fury.png Focused Fury Passive During continuous attacks, your heightened focus increases your attack. Stacks up to 5 times.
Skill Dodge.png Dodge Passive Sharpen your reflexes, increasing Critical Damage Resistance.
Skill Marksmanship.png Marksmanship Passive Observe your target closely to reducing incoming damage.

Level 100 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Hurricane.png Hurricane Active Launch a catastrophic storm cloud of arrows at great speed. Long-tap the skill to continously fire arrows and consume MP.
Skill Binding Shot.png Binding Shot Active Harm an enemy to prevent them from movinng.
Skill Arrow Stream.png Arrow Stream Active Shoot a wild flurry of arrows straight ahead.
Skill Sharp Eyes.png Sharp Eyes Buff Penetrate the enemy with an intense glare, dealing Critical Damage and decreasing incoming damage.
Skill Enchanted Quiver.png Enchanted Quiver Buff Enhances Quiver Cartridge stats and temporarily allows you to fire without consuming any arrows.
Skill Armor Break.png Armor Break Passive Provides a chance to pierce the enemy’s defenses and inflict extra damage.
Skill Advanced Final Attack.png Advanced Final Attack Passive Increases the activation chance and damage of Final Attack.
Skill Illusion Step.png Illusion Step Passive Use your agility to reduce incoming damage.
Skill Bow Expert.png Bow Expert Passive Draw your bowstring with great strength to increase damage.


Tips & Tricks

  • Your best friend is the Drain Arrow within your Quiver Cartridge skill. If you keep tapping Quiver Cartridge, you can swap between the different arrows (the arrow currently equipped can be viewed in your buffs section, if you select the Arrow pointing up with the wings on the top left of the screen, next to your HP/MP). This will help save HP pots and allow you to grind tough monsters such as in SF80!
  • Briser and Jaihin seem to be the go-to weapons for most classes. Since going BM you probably wanted to show off your Boss Damage as a DPSer, Briser is the popular option.
  • If you find yourself using more potions than your meso can keep up with (common issue with BM and NL), grind meso with mobs that you can 1-shot (or Sky Terrace 2, if you can afford grabbing a couple accuracy gear), upgrade your items to 1-shot higher level mobs.
    • Easy alternative, raise a Bishop to provide you your MP pots (they don't use them) - they're also meso farmers extreme and useful to have for your friends!
  • Underrated skill, Hookshot, can get you around a boss if you're trapped in a corner without taking damage.
  • After reaching 4th job, keep Flame Surge in active skills since it does more damage to mobs of 3 or less. Arrow Stream is only more useful for mobs 5 or more.