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This guide will teach you all about Character Creation in MapleStory M. You can create a character with one of many unique jobs! Currently, you will be able to choose one of five Explorer classes! (Additional job classes may nor may not be added later in time)

How to Create Characters[edit | edit source]

  • 01. Create a Character
    • An empty character slot must be available when creating a new character.
    • All accounts have 6 open slots upon creation, but more can be obtained through purchase by Crystal, or consumption of an Extra Character Slot Coupon.

Step 1: Select [Create Character] at the Character Select screen, and then select [Explorer]. The five Explorer classes will then be revealed to you for review and selection.

Step 2: Select the job you'd like your character to be. There are 5 classes to choose from!

  • Dark Knight
  • Bow Master
  • Night Lord
  • Bishop
  • Corsair

Step 3: Name your characters

  • Character names must be 2 - 8 characters long and must use English letters. Names may also contain numerals. (Language rules may vary depending on country)
  • Character names pending deletion and existing character names cannot be used when creating a new character.
  • Character names consisting of, or containing, prohibited words cannot be used.
  • Character names can be changed using a Character Name Change Coupon.
    • A Character Name Change Coupon is an item used to change character names. They can be used once per week.
    • All naming rules listed above apply when a Character Name Change Coupon is used.

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