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[English] The Dark Knight is the ultimate meso mule of MapleStory M. They have high Defense and Health Points. Use them to soak up meso on Sky Terrace 2.

[Español] La clase Dark Knight es el mejor aguantador (Tank) de Maplestory M. Tienen un alto nivel de Defensa ( Defense ) y Salud ( Health Points ). Usalo para absorber grandes cantidades de daño.

[Português] Dark Knight (Cavaleiros das Trevas) são os tanques finais de MapleStory M. Eles têm alta defesa ( Defense ) e pontos de saúde ( Health Points ). Use-os para absorver grandes quantidades de dano.

Level 1 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Slash Blast.png Slash Blast Active Spend MP to attack all nearby enemies at once.
Skill Warrior Leap.png Warrior Leap Active Double jump to reach even greater heights. Jump distance increases as skill level rises.
Skill Iron Body.png Iron Body Passive Temper your body to make it stronger.
Skill Warrior Mastery.png Warrior Mastery Passive Refine your fighting art fundamentals to enhance your ATK.

Level 30 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Piercing Drive.png Piercing Drive Active Deal a powerful strike to your enemies.
Skill Spear Pulling.png Spear Pulling Active Thrust your weapon forward to pull in and stun enemies.
Skill Beholder.png Beholder Active Summon a Beholder that heals you regularly while it's nearby.
Skill Iron Will.png Iron Will Buff Temporarily increase DEF of party members.
Skill Hyper Body.png Hyper Body Buff Temporarily decrease damage taken by party members.
Skill Weapon Booster.png Weapon Booster Buff Draw energy to power up your weapon, temporarily increasing ATK SPD.
Skill Weapon Mastery.png Weapon Mastery Passive Increases the ATK of your weapon, allowing you to deal greater damage.
Skill Physical Training.png Physical Training Passive Thanks to your constant training, you gain increased SPD.
Skill Final Attack.png Final Attack Passive When using this skill, attacks have a chance to deal additional damage.

Level 60 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description

Skill Charge.png

Charge Active Charge forward and push back multiple enemies. Press the move button twice in succession to activate the skill.

Skill La Mancha Spear.png

La Mancha Spear Active Spins weapon like a windmill, damages nearby enemies

Skill Cross Surge.png

Cross Surge Buff Increases DMG based on Current HP. When HP drops, DMG is decreased.

Skill Beholder Shock.png

Beholder Shock Passive Beholder stuns enemies around

Skill Lord of Darkness.png

Lord of Darkness Passive Improve Critical rate and damage with the power of darkness

Skill Beholder's Buff.png

Beholder's Buff Passive Beholder buff their master. (MP Recovery)

Skill Endure.png

Endure Passive Improve tolerance to critical

Level 100 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Dark Impale.png Dark Impale Active Attacks a large number of enemies in a row at a rapid rate.
Skill Gungnir Descent.png Gungnir Descent Active Call down a giant mythical spear to damage enemies.
Skill Magic Crash.png Magic Crash Active Remove ATK and DEF Increase buffs from your enemies. Debuffed enemies are temporarily unable to re-apply the same buffs
Skill Sacrifice.png Sacrifice Buff Absorbs the Beholder, negating the cooldown of Gungnir's Decent for some seconds.
Skill Final Pact.png Final Pact Buff When HP hits 0, the Contract of Darkness resurrects you.
Skill Stance.png Stance Passive Hold your ground when struck to gain additional KBK RES.
Skill Advance Weapon Mastery.png Advance Weapon Mastery Passive Push your weapon to its limit, increasing DMG. (Boss ATK & Player ATK)
Skill Revenge of the Evil Eye.png Revenge of the Evil Eye Passive The Beholder attacks anyone foolish enought to threaten its master, restoring 5% of the master's HP upon hit.

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