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Hi guys, wanted to ask, i just got the unique eq emblem form fuse, is i rank it up by fusing will the emblem be gone?

Emblems in Brief:[edit | edit source]

  1. Emblem Equipments are those with a special maple leaf background.
  2. They can only occur in unique or higher equipment.
  3. You can only get an emblem when fusing or buying the 100 gem chest, so ranking up has no chance at emblem. This means the earliest chance (no chest) to get an emblem is when fusing epics to form a unique.
  4. The chance to get emblems is so low that it's not worth chasing after them. It's just a bonus that you should be happy for if you're lucky enough to get.
  5. So what do they do? First, they give extra stats to equipment. A mythic weapon gets about 1k extra atk stat (that's A LOT). Second, they can give new stats to equipments, such as "Boss Atk Increase 3%".

Ideas for the community[edit | edit source]

These are ideas or facts that haven't been tested but anyone willing is encouraged to do so:

  • Comparison of legendary emblem with non-max atk versus legendary Perfect Base Atk, both stat-wise and economically.
  • The chance to get emblems when fusing for different ranks of equipment, and when pulling from chest.