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Fever Buff

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This guide will teach you all about Fever Buff in MapleStory M. Combat in MapleStory M becomes even more fun when the Fever Buff is activated.

Introduction to the Fever System[edit | edit source]

  • The Fever Buff is a buff system that can be used when the Fever Gauge fills to 100%.
  • As players kill monsters, the gauge gradually fills up.
  • Players can also consume a Fever Buff Charge Ticket to completely fill the Fever Buff. These tickets are gained through quest or achievement completion.
  • When the gauge is completely filled and is flashing, it can be tapped to activate the Fever Buff and start the buff's timer.
  • The default amount of time for one use of the Fever Buff is 30 seconds.

Buying Fever Buffs[edit | edit source]

  • Tapping the Fever Buff gauge when it is not full will open the Fever Buff list.
  • As the character gains levels, additional effects can be purchased with Crystals that will be added to the overall Fever Buff when activated.
  • These effects will stack with one another when Fever Buff is active.
  • Effects can be upgraded, initially with mesos, followed by subsequent upgrades requiring gems (in game currency)
  • upgrades purchased do not transfer over accounts (i.e. upgrades are for individual characters, and do not upgrade the fever buff of other characters on the same account)

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