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[English] The Jewel is one of the items in MapleStory M. These are items that grant additional attributes to the user and can be merged and modified. There are 5 different colors of jewels with specific characteristics for each color. Each character has 10 spaces for jewelry, divided into two pages. Additional jewel pages can be purchased with crystals. Only one page can be active at a time.

[Português] As Jóias são um dos itens em MapleStory M. São itens que concedem atributos adicionais para o usuário e podem ser fundidas e modificadas. Existem 5 cores diferentes de jóias com características específicas para cada cor. Cada personagem tem 10 espaços para jóias, divididos em duas páginas as quais o jogador deverá escolher qual das páginas manterá ativa.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Jewels are another way to increase your stats.

There are 5 Jewel slots that unlock as you level:

  • 1st Jewel Slot - Unlocks at Lv. 10 (?)
  • 2nd Jewel Slot - Unlocks at Lv. 30
  • 3rd Jewel Slot - Unlocks at Lv. 60
  • 4th Jewel Slot - Unlocks at Lv. 90
  • 5th Jewel Slot - Unlocks at Lv. 110

There are 5 Jewel colours: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple Each jewel gives specific stats that are only available to their corresponding colour

  • Red
    • PHY ATK
    • MAG ATK
    • JUMP
  • Blue
    • SPD %
    • PHY DMG %
    • ACC %
    • MAG DEF
  • Green
    • CRIT DMG %
    • MAG DMG INC %
    • EVD %
  • Yellow
    • EXP %
    • PEN %
  • Purple
    • CRIT RATE %
    • BOSS ATK INC %
    • BOSS DEF INC %
    • Block %

Fuse[edit | edit source]

Jewels can be fused together to give a jewel with better stats. Each Jewel has 3 Ranks (A), (B), (C). 2 of each TYPE and COLOUR can be fused together to give the same jewel with a better rank and better stats. For example, yellow (C, 0.5% drop rate) can be fused with another 2 yellow (C, any stats) which enhance the parent jewel into (B, 0.6% drop rate).

Modify[edit | edit source]

Modify is a process where you take a jewel as a base material and two other jewels of the SAME RANK but DIFFERENT COLOURS The jewel used as the base material will retain its rank and colour but will have different stats.