Level 1-10 Quests

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The following are the Level 1-10 Quests in MapleStory M.


(Level 1) Maple Island Friends: Find Rondo's Hat

(Level 1) Rondo's Hat: Collect Old Wisconsin (1) -> Speak with Stranger M

(Level 1) Rondo's Hat Pt.2: Speak with Rondo

(Level 2) Sugar's Warning: Speak with Sugar

(Level 2) Find Olivia!: Destination: Tess -> Speak with Olivia

(Level 3) Olivia's Crisis: Hunt Slime (10) -> Speak with Olivia

(Level 3) Sailing to Lith Harbor: Destination: Stranger M -> Exploring Lith Harbor

(Level 4) Chillin' with Lilin: Hunt Blue Snail (10) -> Speak with Lilin

(Level 4) Drillin' with Lilin: Hunt Red Snail (15) -> Speak with Lilin

(Level 5) You Can't Handle the Tru: Speak with Tru

(Level 6) Dreaming of Sleepywood: Destination: John -> Collect Pig's Head (10) -> Speak with John

(Level 7) Dangerous Reunions: Destination: Tru -> Finding a Friend

(Level 7) Olivia Has Another Crisis: Hunt Spore (30) -> Speak with Olivia

(Level 8) Suspicious Activity: Tap on your character -> Speak with Olivia -> Hunt Masked Rabbit(s) (30) -> Speak with Olivia

(Level 8) Double Vision: Destination: Olivia? -> Speak with Lilin

(Level 9) Master of Disguise Baroq: Destination: Baroq -> Hunt Mano (1) -> Speak with Baroq

(Level 9) Pierced Through the Heart: Destination: Aran -> Speak with Athena Pierce

(Level 10) The Many Tasks of Athena Pierce: Hunt Orange Mushroom (15) / Hunt Green Mushroom (15) -> Speak with Athena Pierce

(Level 10) Assisting Athena Again: Hunt Horned Mushroom (15) / Hunt Weirdo Horned Mushroom (15) -> Speak with Athena Pierce