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[English] The Night Lord is the overpowered mess of a class nexon the greedy moronic company loves having unbalanced like the trash they are, of the five other jobs, which are Bishop, Bowmaster, Corsair and Dark Knight. Assassins by heart, Night Lords rely on their quick maneuvering and higher chance to land critical attacks.

[Español] Asesinos de corazón, los Nores de la Noche confían en sus maniobras rápidas y en sus posibilidades de lanzar ataques críticos.

[Português] Os Senhores da Noite são um dos cinco Aventureiros, que são Bispos, Mestres Arqueiros, Corsários e Cavaleiros Escuros. Assassinos de coração, os Senhores da Noite confiam em suas manobras rápidas e em sua chance maior de causar ataques críticos. Se você ver um corra!!

Equipments[edit | edit source]

See Night Lord Equipments

Level 1 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Jobs
Skill Lucky Seven.png Lucky Seven Throw 2 lucky throwing stars at the enemy. NW
Bandit Slash.png Bandit Slash Lash out and slice up a group of enemies with crossing blades.
Shadow Dodge Dash backwards. The cooldown of this skill is reduced with each skill level. NW
Dark Elemental Your attacks have a chance to leave a Mark of Darkness, which curses enemies with continuous damage. Stacks up to 5 times. NW
Haste Temporarily increase SPD and JMP. NW
Skill Dark Sight.png Dark Sight Temporarily hide in the shadows to avoid all attacks. NW
Slide Step.png Slide Step Move quickly to dodge incoming attacks.
Flash Jump.png Flash Jump Triple jump to reach even greater heights. Tap ↑ while in the air to jump a second and third time. Jumping distance increases as skill level rises
Nimble Body.png Nimble Body Take tips from a thief and learn to move with more dexterity.
Maple Tree Festival Receive the blessings of the Maple Tree to activate ability. NW
Shadow Jump Triple jump to reach even greater heights. Tap ↑ while in the air to jump a second time and third time. Jumping distance increases as skill level rises. NW
Shadow Bat Gain a chance to create a Shadow Bat every time you attack an enemy. The Shadow Bat disappears after it attacks. NW

Level 30 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Shuriken Burst.png Shuriken Burst Active Throw an exploding throwing star to damage the target and 5 nearby enemies.
Gust Charm.png Gust Charm Active Call upon the power of the wind to damage and knock back enemies.
Haste.png Haste Buff Temporarily increase your SPD.
Skill Claw Booster.png Claw Booster Buff Gain a temporary ATK SPD increase.
Skill Assassin's Mark.png Assassin's Mark Passive Attacks have a chance to engrave an Assassin's Mark on the enemy. Each attack generates 1 throwing star, which flies out to hit other nearby enemies.
Skill Claw Mastery.png Claw Mastery Passive Train with throwing stars to boost your DEF.
Skill Physical Training.png Physical Training Passive Undergo intense physical training, permanently raising your Recovery.
Skill Critical Throw.png Critical Throw Passive Increases Crit Rate and Crit DMG.

Level 60 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Triple Throw.png Triple Throw Active Throw 3 throwing stars at the enemy.
Skill Shadow Web.png Shadow Web Active Weave your shadow into a web, snaring enemies in place and dealing continuous damage. Continuous damage is not affected by Damage Reflection.
Shade Splitter.png Shade Splitter Active Strike nearby enemies with a shadow clone.
Skill Dark Flare.png Dark Flare Active Temporarily summon the Dark Lord's windmill throwing knife, negating almost all protections.
Skill Shadow Stars.png Shadow Stars Buff Throw stars imbued with the power of a million restless souls.
Skill Shadow Partner.png Shadow Partner Buff Summon a shadow clone that mimics your movement. The twin does not have HP and disappears after a short time.
Skill Venom.png Venom Passive Permanently coat your claw with poison. Poison does not stack and cannot drop the target's HP below 1.
Skill Enveloping Darkness.png Enveloping Darkness Passive Become one with the darkness to increase your Max HP and Max MP.
Skill Expert Throwing Star Technique.png Expert Throwing Star Technique Passive Practice using throwing stars to increase DMG.

Level 100 Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Description
Skill Quad Star.png Quad Star Active Throw 4 throwing stars at the enemy.
Skill Showdown.png Showdown Active Slam a group of enemies with a huge table.
Sudden Raid.png Sudden Raid Active Call in a hidden gang of thieves to set the area on fire.
Skill Frailty Curse.png Frailty Curse Active Releases a barrier that reduces the ATK, DEF, and SPD of all enemies that enter it.
Shadow Shifter.png Shadow Shifter Buff Temporarily turn into a wooden doll and evade all attacks.
Skill Dark Serenity.png Dark Serenity Buff Become one with the darkness to deal extra damage.
Claw Expert.png Claw Expert Passive Push your body to the limits, increase your DEF.
Toxic Venom.png Toxic Venom Passive Increases the activation chance and damage of Venom.
Skill Night Lord's Mark.png Night Lord's Mark Passive Further enhances Assassin's Mark, increasing the chance to mark enemies and the number of throwing stars.