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This guide will teach you all about Potential in MapleStory M. Item Potential is an additional stat that can be changed.

Potential Guide[edit | edit source]

  • Potential only exists for weapons, armor, and accessories with a rank of Epic or higher.
  • Higher-ranked weapons, armor, and accessories have more Potential and higher stats.
  • In the Forge, use a Cube under [Change Options] to change the Potential on an item.
  • When an item is evolved past Epic, new types of Potential are randomly added to the item.
  • Potential types may be duplicated during the change.

How to Check for Potential[edit | edit source]

  • An item's Potential option can be found in the detailed item information section.

Potential Options

  • A maximum of 3 Potential options can be attached to a single item.
  • Potential options include ATK Type, DEF Type, ACC, EVD, PEN, Block, HP/MP Recovery, SPD, JMP, KBK RES, EXP Increase, Drop Rate Increase, and Meso Acquisition Increase.

Guides[edit | edit source]