Recovering a MapleStory M Account Scheduled for Deletion

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This guide will teach you all about Recovering a MapleStory M Account Scheduled for Deletion in MapleStory M.

How to recover an account currently scheduled for deletion[edit | edit source]

  • At any time during the withdrawal process, you can start the app, link the same mobile account to MapleStory M, and halt the withdrawal process recover the game account.
    • Start the MapleStory M app.
    • As the mobile account linked to MapleStory M was unlinked when the withdrawal process was started, the same account will need to be linked to MapleStory M once more.
      • See Guide 1-2A for mobile account linking instructions.
    • Once the correct mobile account information is entered, you will see the pop-up screen shown below, providing the player with an option to halt the withdrawal process and recover the account, or exit the screen and abandon the recovery attempt.
      • Select "Cancel" to leave this screen and abandon the account recovery process.
      • Deleting a MapleStory M account is not finalized until 7 days have elapsed from the time the withdrawal process is initiated.
      • Select "Recover" to halt the deletion process and you will be allowed to enter the game as usual once again.
      • Please keep in mind that any game updates implemented by the devs may need to be properly downloaded and installed before full login can be achieved.

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